Moncton Educational Services Summer School
Moncton Educational Services Summer School
Moncton Area Summer School
Moncton Area Summer School 

Summer School 2021 Grades 9 - 12


Students should attend summer school if they

Failed a course that is a prerequisite to one required next year, for example, failing grade 9.10 or 11 Math or English; or required for graduation or admission to university and community college programs.



Passed but did not get a high enough mark to be admitted to university or community college programs. Nearly all of these programs require more than a passing grade. For example in 14 of the 18 programs offered at UNB the minimum requirement is a mark of 75 on a list of high school courses. Universities and colleges warn students “seats are limited so meeting minimum requirements will not guarantee admission.” Admission requirements vary among institutions and programs but graduating with marks below 70 in key courses often prevent admission in many programs.



                                 Classes will be from July 5 to July 30


Class times are 8:00 am to 9:45 am and 9:50 am to 11:35 am. Monday to Friday.

Students can take 1 or 2 courses



   Courses Offered  


The following courses will be offered if there are sufficient enrollements for them. The courses you register for must be in this list:


English 9, 10, 11, 12

Math 9, Geometry 10, Numbers 10, Finance 11, 12, Foundations 11, Pre-Calculus 11, 12

Biology 11, 12

Chemistry 11, 12

History 11, Social Studies 9,10

Science 9, 10



Registering for Summer School Courses


Registration will be online from this website. The form can be reached by pressing "Click Here to Register" in the green area above on this page. After completing it press "Send" on the form. However, you will not be registered until you do an e-transfer to Fees are $100 for 1 course or $200 for 2 courses. You will be asked if you wish the funds to go to "Moncton Education Services Ltd." Answer Yes. Later, you will be sent a receipt from us. 

Note: You are not permitted to take a course unless you have already taken it, your school can not accept your mark if you do. You are also required to have made 40 or more in the course but if you have a mark of less than 40 a principal or vice-principal can give you permission to attend.

















































































Summer School 2021

at Harrison Trimble High School 

80 Echo Dr

Moncton, N.B.


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