Moncton Educational Services Summer School
Moncton Educational Services Summer School
This is no longer the website for Moncton Summer School The new website for 2023 is part of the Anglophone East site. Go to then select "summer school" at the top of the page
This is no longer the website for Moncton Summer School The new website for 2023 is part of the Anglophone East site.Go to then select "summer school" at the top of the page  

Summer School 2022 Grades 8


With the pandemic, the past years have been frustrating for many. For students who had difficulties in Math and/or English this year Summer School is recommended as an important opportunity for them to experience success and increase the possibility of future success. The RAND Foundation’s 2011 report, “Making Summer Count”, found 13 research papers on summer schools that showed the following benefits for grade 8 students:

  • Students who do not have a good background as they move to the next grade "become increasingly frustrated and can fall even further behind" if additional time is not provided.


  • Summer school gives the student an "opportunity to feel more confident and experience some success" in the subject before the next school year.


  • Students who attend summer school have "better outcomes than similar peers who do not attend these programs."


  • Summer programs can "reverse summer learning loss, achieve learning gains," give low-performing students the "chance to master material" that they did not learn during the previous school year and "propel students toward higher achievement."


  • "Almost all students can master material if given enough time and proper instruction."


Classes will be from July 4 to July 29


Class times are 8 am to 9:45 am and 9:50 am to 11:35 am. Monday to Friday

Students can take either English or Math or take
both English & Math.


Registering for Summer School Courses


Registration will be online from this website. The form can be reached by pressing "Click Here to Register Gr 8" in the green area above on this page. After completing it press "Send" on the form. However, you will not be registered until you do an e-transfer to Fees are $100 for 1 course or $200 for 2 courses. You will be asked if you wish the funds to go to "Moncton Education Services Ltd." Answer Yes. 

You will also be given a place to comment. Please put the student's name in the comment box. If it is not there you will not be listed as having paid.


Summer School 2022

at Harrison Trimble High School 

80 Echo Dr

Moncton, N.B.


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